A water drop display concept that I am currently experimenting with and developing.

Words, stories, narrative, and modern day text messages, are something to marvel. They all seem so simple, and yet it is through these that we build narratives of ourselves. A simple stroke holds so much weight, that when joined into words worlds can be destroyed and realities creates. Without text, we would not be what/who we are, and yet text is often overlooked and ignored.

Water; it is an incredible force of nature and at the heart of life, and yet so often we overlook it. We pay little to no attention to it, yet we need it to live. It goes into creating us as a biological cell.

What would happen if these two were to collide? Could we have something that draws attention to the beauty of the two objects, these objects that are only acknowledged in brief moments of our lives and then forgotten? This is what we wish to address, by creating a feeling of suspended water messages.

Tests/research: http://jasonhendrik.com/aqueous-grapheme/
Contribution: Original concept development, research and design, programming, soldering and circuit design, construction and production, documentation

More Info: http://watermarquee.weebly.com/index.html

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