In an attempt to create an experience that enables one to revisit their childhood feelings of curiosity and exploration. I built an interactive pinwheel with a visual counterpart. The viewer draw particles onto the surface using the pinwheel, and the can “blow them away” by blowing on the pinwheel.


Max/MSP Programming, Arduino, RF send/receive modules, IR LED, one small motor for speed input.



Numbering sytem

With Thierry Dumont & Pascal Champagne.

We built a hand-held light relay sculpture. The light in the tubes represent knowledge/signal and how it can only advance from module to module with the help of our interventions. To share the knowledge we must build the structures for it to move forward.

Sensor Research & Interaction Design, Concept Development, Construction and production.



Resources & Reference

@ Correlate Exhibition


Open GL graphics are layered into the viewfinder
The SPECTRON goggles overlay 3D content into the viewfinder, this allowed us to display geographically aligned visual content. Overlaying buildings with information about its history.

3D Modeling and rigging of buildings,Programming OPEN-GL graphics with Max/MSP & Troubleshooting. I produced the 3D models, with the help of Google Earth data, using Max/MSP OPEN-GL to render everything in real-time.

More Info:


Description: CHAINFOREST is an interactive audio-sculptural installation. Incorporating trees, stumps and branches, chains, saw dust, loud machinery noises, and for contrast, some peaceful bird songs. The goal of our user interaction is to get our users to stop the noise, to stop the machines… and hence allow the songs of the birds to be heard again…

Contribution: Concept development, design, research, resource acquisition, construction and production.

More Info: http://www.chainforest.info/



A water drop display concept that I am currently experimenting with and developing.

Words, stories, narrative, and modern day text messages, are something to marvel. They all seem so simple, and yet it is through these that we build narratives of ourselves. A simple stroke holds so much weight, that when joined into words worlds can be destroyed and realities creates. Without text, we would not be what/who we are, and yet text is often overlooked and ignored.

Water; it is an incredible force of nature and at the heart of life, and yet so often we overlook it. We pay little to no attention to it, yet we need it to live. It goes into creating us as a biological cell.

What would happen if these two were to collide? Could we have something that draws attention to the beauty of the two objects, these objects that are only acknowledged in brief moments of our lives and then forgotten? This is what we wish to address, by creating a feeling of suspended water messages.

Tests/research: http://jasonhendrik.com/aqueous-grapheme/
Contribution: Original concept development, research and design, programming, soldering and circuit design, construction and production, documentation

More Info: http://watermarquee.weebly.com/index.html


Surface Effects from Jason Hendrik on Vimeo.

Description: Surface Effects is an interactive experience where your position in the room affects and changes the state of the mediated environment. We mixed video-mapping with interactive sculptures and consumed a room with creative potential by providing people the means to collaboratively affect and modify their surroundings.

Contribution: Max/MSP programming, research and troubleshooting, video-mapping, interactive design, sound design, project management.

More Info: http://jasonhendrik.com/cart-312/




ambient light wall from Jason Hendrik on Vimeo.

Description: The ambient light wall is an exploration of message relay and networking. Through interacting with the piece, one almost gets a sense of empathy for the signal- the light can only continue if we intervene, if we guide it back to where starts.The entire pattern, the cycle of fading lights becomes stagnant without interaction, the sounds emitted from the piece are repetitive (still ambient though) and in most cases if the piece to left to its own devices it will eventually lose its “energy”.. Someone must intervene and rotate one of the wooden parts to get it going again.

The wall is built of wood, LEDs, Photocells, Arduinos, driver & multiplexer circuits, and some Max/MSP for audio.

Contribution:  Concept development, programming, Max/MSP and Arduino communication, construction and production.