I conducted research and produced an interactive scratch/touch surface and audio visual installation with IREGULAR.IO for the MCLAREN WALL-TO-WALL 2014 PROGRAM.
Produced by the NFB and Quartier Des Spectacles partnership.

For this project, I helped research different interactive surface technologies. I built the sensors for the monolith (the scratch-wall) from XLR cables and contact microphones.
Challenges included reducing feedback and noise levels and achieving good signal filtering with Max/MSP.




Timen LadyFace from Jason Hendrik on Vimeo.

Made for Freida Abtan’s CART 211 class in 2011.
Homework piece about Creative Commons.

The video explores aspects of connectivity and networking, the birth of ideas and creative energies in motion, it is a poetic exploration of would-be generic content, mulched into a mash of color-laced video art. The sound is an adventure into frequency tweaking…  Originating from a piano tune, it has been transformed into a playful electro-sonic excursion for your ears.