After Effects – Multiple Instance Render Script

For those of us with 1 Computer and the desire to utilize all of our Memory and CPU or GPU, I wrote my own After-Effects Background rendering script.
You are free to download and use it at will:

Regrettably it only works on windows, sorry.
(im pretty sure, powershell is a “mixed” environment -but havent tested on mac/unix and have doubts)

Free AfterEffects MultiCore Rendering Script


1: add "aerender.exe" to your local Environment Variables @ PATH... add new..
2: Run PowerShell as admin - type the following
"Set-ExecutionPolicy Undefined" then type "Y"
3: run AE_render-multicore exe...
4: Drop your AE project into the list box


Function AfterEffectsBGrendering() {

	$runningInstances =	0


	$form = New-Object Windows.Forms.Form
	$form.text = "JANGORENDER"
	$listBox = New-Object Windows.Forms.ListBox
	$listBox.Dock = [System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle]::Fill
	$numOfFrames  = Read-Host 'How many frames?'
	$renderFolder  = Read-Host 'Where is your render folder?'
	$numOfInstances  = Read-Host 'How many instances would you like to run?'   
    	$handler = {
			if ($_.Data.GetDataPresent([Windows.Forms.DataFormats]::FileDrop)) {
				$filename = $_.Data.GetData([Windows.Forms.DataFormats]::FileDrop)
	#Process name to count
	$Target = "aerender"
	#check number of rendered files
	while ($numOfFrames -ne (Get-ChildItem $renderFolder | Measure-Object ).Count) {
	#begin instances
	do {
		#count process names aerender
		$Process = (Get-Process | Where-Object {$_.ProcessName -eq $Target} | Measure-Object).Count 
		#if process drops out create another one
		if ($Process -lt $numOfInstances){
		Start-Process -FilePath "aerender.exe" -PassThru -ArgumentList "-project $filename -close DO_NOT_SAVE_CHANGES"

		} until($Process -eq $numOfInstances )
	$form.AllowDrop = $true


AfterEffectsBGrendering | Out-Null


Open GL graphics are layered into the viewfinder
The SPECTRON goggles overlay 3D content into the viewfinder, this allowed us to display geographically aligned visual content. Overlaying buildings with information about its history.

3D Modeling and rigging of buildings,Programming OPEN-GL graphics with Max/MSP & Troubleshooting. I produced the 3D models, with the help of Google Earth data, using Max/MSP OPEN-GL to render everything in real-time.

More Info:


DIGITAL MOIRE from Pascal Champagne on Vimeo.

Description: DIGITAL MOIRÉ explores how media changes shape, form and feeling once it is transfigured  onto/into another medium.

This work was inspired by Poemotion a book of “visual illusions” by Takahiro Kurashima. By overlapping video planes in Max/MSP we recreated the illusions from the book and expanded on them from a digital context. Providing viewers a destabilizing experience with the help of loud pulsing noises controlled by people’s presence and as an added sculptural element, we used wool strings to extend the light form and structure the space and viewing angle.

We made this interactive projection mapping sculpture.
using a kinect and some very simple animation techniques. The kinect senses people as they approach and thier presence aniamtes the illusions on the floor. As the number of viewers grow, the speed of the animation increases.

Contribution: Design research & Max/MSP audio/visual programming and Kinect sensor integration

More Info:


Timen LadyFace from Jason Hendrik on Vimeo.

Made for Freida Abtan’s CART 211 class in 2011.
Homework piece about Creative Commons.

The video explores aspects of connectivity and networking, the birth of ideas and creative energies in motion, it is a poetic exploration of would-be generic content, mulched into a mash of color-laced video art. The sound is an adventure into frequency tweaking…  Originating from a piano tune, it has been transformed into a playful electro-sonic excursion for your ears.