I had the opportunity to assist Freida Abtan with the installation of several projectors and lights
for a multi-disciplinary performance project installed in Concordia EV’s Blackbox.

Tasks particular to projectors:
mounting, rigging, registration, color-matching, and maintenance.

Official Role: Production Assistant

Fear Of Flight
“An Immersive multimedia production in five movements. by Freida Abtan”

These video show the projection set-up nicely…

To see  documentaiton of movement 4 click here

Fuelled by caffeine and a strong interest in video and media technologies I have been designing interactive solutions from the studio to stage for over three years. I have developed skills in video production, projections and mapping, 3D modelling and rendering, sculpture, prototyping and programming, as well as design practices and presentation techniques. Always working to extend and integrate new media into modern society in meaningful ways.