Manifesto for Collaboration

Today’s technologically mediated, highly networked and real-time interactive modes of creativity hold the potential to organize and facilitate revolutionary thinking and action. Interactive and collaborative art making is becoming more and more instrumental in the development of our socio-cultural perceptions. In addition, evolutions and advancements in our ability to perceive ourselves and our environment play a significant role in the process of self-definition, expression and awareness amongst individuals, communities and even between nations. These advancements in technology are such that the normative social customs which govern our participation in the various modes of expression are constantly forced to evolve. As such, collective art-making and creative practices should reflect this in pressing upon the fore of technological advancement, affording us a greater perceptual capacity to experience our socio-cultural state of being. Essentially, we must exercise our collective creative faculty in order to better analyze our present moment and to envision a better future.

Evolutions in artistic tendencies, particularly a progression from individualistic expression to more collaborative and experiential explorations in collective creative thinking, reflect our interest and desire to act and think together. Not only have we become connected universally- we are now beginning to act as one global body, one creative organism, able to solve problems immensely larger than our own. Embracing the reciprocal impact of technology to art-making is essential should we wish to unleash the creative potential in communally interactive and collaborative art practices.

Art affects how we think. Revolutions in art making have repeatedly and meaningfully impacted socio progression, they have organized populations, fueled political movements and incited whole cultural revolutions. Are these not equally revolutions in our perception, extending and expanding our abilities to re-imagine our very existence? New-Media, Interactive Artists, Designers and Programmers! We must embrace, and explore the mediums through which we can express ourselves as a community, a city, or even country . Bringing about positive change will be done through these very same methods, we will strengthen our collective consciousness and bring about positive change.

The adoption of creative practices depend on the affordances their methods provide. Likewise, collaborative and collective creativity is promoted through the design of intuitive and easy to understand objects, interfaces, and environments. Interactions should incite the development of social values and ethics. Adapting creative practices to new technologies extends the significance of the cultural reference points, images and social symbols. The conditions that make up our perceptions of the relationship between art and technology are reliant upon the very changes incurred by the binding of developments in technology and the creative interventions which press upon thresholds of possibility.

The trans-formative effect on the way we interpret the world instigated by technology and the reproducibility of art is in itself a cycle where our reactionary behaviors and deliberate decisions conduct and inform prospective modes of being, transforming the very structure of experience. –the way we interpret the world. Revolutionary advancements in art making practices contribute to an exponentially inclusive and mutative global culture-making process. In addition, the increasingly creative use of technology and the ongoing transformation of material and method are not only driving forward new art forms, they continuously regenerate the conditions by which we define ourselves and relate to each other. It is this identifying process wherein our interpretive reception of content and medium informs the way we re-imagine ourselves. It is the “how” of who we think we are, how we “extend ourselves” into the future. Put differently, the recomposing and re-creation of culture is in itself an instigative and interactive exchange between past, present and future. From the earliest forms of shadow play and cave drawings, our interactions with image-making or narrative-sharing, our capacity to project ideas and concepts outward into the world and share them with others, amplifies our aptitude for evolution. Clearly, image-making has greatly impacted our evolutionary process, continuously mediating our existence, it has allowed us to develop relationships between each other and helped us form our cultural identities as well as our capacities to perceive and experience life, essentially inciting socially constructive culture-making processes and establishing relationships between whole groups of people, and their environments.

Therefore, evolutions in creativity are socially organizing factors in the formation of culture. Fundamentally, technology influences and lends itself to modern art practices which in many ways define the boundary of cognitive potential. Essentially, while advancements in technology will continuously change the way we associate ourselves, only through creative interpretations and meaningful executions of interactive art, especially through collaborative art-making is what pushes the limits of our imaginations. The conceptual affordances qualified through our sensory interaction with the physical are the sequential physical reception of material and medium, and the comprehension of the forms and symbols they represent, put it in simple terms, is a combining of what we sense mixed together with what we understand. As such, image is a process through which humans understand the world and more importantly each other. Image is not only the synthesis of our tangible world and the perception of concept, it is simultaneously that which allows us the ability to recognize the materiality of the physical itself, The visual landscape of our modern world has, through the widespread proliferation and manipulation of concept through a playful and sometimes arbitrary mixing of ideas, has become an enormous interactive group project. Interactive engagement with the physical through which we cognitively process the world and communicate with one another.

As I understand it, we are in many ways, throughput devices for an infinitely expansive and developing framework of ideas in our collective minds which in turn help us advance or develop our ability to explore life’s many curiosities. Thus, our contemporary situation has become dependant upon complexified and compounded structures of ideas and knowledge, imbued with a mighty dose of self-awareness and shared experience. Be it religious, political or economic, our reception of image will always play a key role in the governance of society. The digital image however, has transformatively affected how the modern world conditions itself. In providing a framework where ideas are exchanged, manipulated and developed at individual and global scales, we are in turn, rewarded with an exponential rate of discovery and invention propelling ourselves into the future. A design model for human connection which encourages the re-imagining of the world, We live in a constructed reality through which we understand ourselves and each other as well as our environment our space. To engage with the continual process of re-imagination and collective creativity, artists must create art that pressures the limits of the medium. Now, more than ever, is the time to produce art socially and collectively! Utilize technology as a lens through which we may examine ourselves.  we unfailingly find creative inspiration from nature in all aspects of art as well as in human technological development.

The process of the recomposing of culture, national identity and communities is enmeshed with the consequences of the popularization of new forms and art practices and the simplification of technique and contemporary movements in art-making. What is required however, is the fearlessness to think differently, to be woken up to alternative modes of reception. Only then, can we participate in the shifting of paradigms. Renouncing the mundane standard and peering into the depths of the unknown with the help of contemporary tools upon which we are continually developing and expanding, we fundamentally change and re-appropriate meaning, re contextualizing our modern reality, forcing on ourselves an adaptive reconstruction of the social organism. A process which, expands our social awareness. Similarly, efforts in acting alternatively or divergently from the norm will engender revolutions in art making. These changes have a social and political impact. Artists, who can carefully analyze and utilize these tendencies might begin to direct the waves that shape the shores of cultural awareness and knowledge. The inter-cultural creative exploration of technology is reciprocally providing the very conditions in which those cultures evolve. encountering ourselves or a version of ourselves has always shown to be an enigmatic philosophical dialogue, and because of revolutions in technology, we can uncover or expose and even re-imagine perceptions of ourselves.Partaking in the ongoing process of modernization, continually adapting our techniques and methods in contemporary ways invites the next generation to examine and develop their interpretation of reality. It is the cyclical and symbiotic process that simultaneously connects the culture making process and the art making process which propels us forward.


It is the ideas that are important.

We seek to immortalize our existence with every new extension of ourselves. Partaking in the ongoing process of modernization, continually adapting our techniques and methods in contemporary ways. We are constantly merging our present realities with our aspirations. This adaptive process is the natural way that society evolves and new art-making practices emerge. Evolutions in technique are guided by our individually developed notions of quality and a mutually shared interest in the perpetuation of our creations, our stories, our art… beyond our lifetimes.

It is simultaneous, as we develop our technology and capacity for collaboration, we affect and alter our behavior, and lives. Our growing connections made possible via technological and artistic creations and philosophical reform vastly widen the breadth of our global awareness.

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