JANGORENDER for AfterEffects

JANGORENDER is a COMPLETELY FREE - BARE-BONES After-Effects command line rendering assistant (and background renderer). Use it to start multiple render instances of your After Effects projects. Greatly reducing render-times and making more efficient use of your available hardware!.

Ready to use. See instructions below...JANGORENDER DOWNLOAD Link to the script on github:JANGORENDER SCRIPT

JANGORENDER - Instructions

  1. Add your "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files" or equivalent to your environment variables.
  2. set up your After-Effects render-settings with "Skip Existing Files" checked on.
  3. save your project (save without subfolders, sorry!)
  4. open the Ae project with Jangorender.exe
  5. enter how many frames to render. (also how it knows to stop)
  6. enter how many instances. (please consider your workstation limits)
  7. Begin Rendering!!!
  8. To stop the render you must force-quit the "JANGORENDER" process first.


JANGORENDER.exe was made by encapsulating a powershell script into an executable with PS2EXE. This may pose some security issues for some systems, please refer to the script at github. read more on the security issues for ps2exe here.

More tools and freebies coming soon!