Ae Multi CPU Rendering

JANGORENDER.exe is a Powershell script for rendering After Effects projects using multiple CPUs.

(1) how many frames to render
(2) where your output folder is and
(3) how many instances to start
(4) Drop your project file in the box to start

note: you will need to do your own math for RAM usage.

Point Cloud Recorder

Using Processing and Blender in tandem these scripts allow
(1) The recording of point cloud data from a kinect to text files. (with Processing)
(2) Importing the point cloud into an “animated” mesh. (with Blender)

FFMPEG Templates
& Batch File Actions

FFMPEG is the most flexible and dynamic Command-Line tool for Media Conversion,

Use these tried and true templates and scripts for video compression
OR integration into your render-farm.






File & Folder Actions